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Kamassian Language revival project.


This site is dedicated to the Kamassian language and reviving it.

Did we add something to the language?

We added a standardized alphabet, for words which aren't documented were loaned (mainly related to science, theology or geography). However these added words are tiny in number and are mainly formal words. We know the basic vocabulary that would be used in everyday conversations. 

Do Kamasins still exist?

Around 2 reported being Kamasins, However, Koibal Khakass are ethnicaly Kamasin. Neighbouring Khakass also sometimes have some Kamasin ancestory however it is a minority of their DNA.  

How well is Kamassian documented?

We know close to 1600 words and most of the grammar. However, there are some problems with phonology, which is mostly because Kamassian had much "freedoms", for example the word for language/tongue could be spelled: шǝкǝ, шǝккǝ, шекǝ, шиккǝ and all would be correct. However we have audio recordings from native speakers.

How easy is Kamassian?

Despite being an Uralic Language which are know for being very hard to learn, Kamassian is slightly easier compared to other Uralic Languages. As an example the case system is easier then in Finnish or Hungarian, having only 7 cases unlike the Finnish with 15. The plural for each case is done the same and with the same ending, thus you don't have to memorize a different plural ending for each case unlike in Finnish. However, Kamassian verbs are slightly harder due to the objective-subjecive system meaning that you have to learn 2 forms for each tense/mood, but there are only 6 of them:

Present tense

Future tense

Preterite tense 



(Pluperfect doesn't have its own ending but actions which have been completed are expressed by the word ўа´(льом) )

(A continous action is expressed by putting the word 'be' to the end of the word)

"man maleigem" = i am speaking.

How many people speak Kamassian?

No fluent speakers exist, however 3 people have some knowledge and able to make phrases and texts, while 2-5 more know the basics. A few more only know some words. However this number is going up.

Flag of the Sayansky District where the last Kamassians lived.
Flag of the Sayansky District where the last Kamassians lived.
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