Kamassian Language

Kamassian is a dead Uralic Language spoken by the Kamasins, it is part of the South Samoyedic group, though it is a geographical grouping instead of a linguistical  grouping. Kamassian was the last Sayan Samoyedic language, its sister language Mator died way earlier and is not nearly as well documented. 

Samoyed Languages:

Nenets: 22 thousand speakers

Selkup: 1000 speakers (2010 cencus), though it could be way lower

Enets: 43 speakers (2010), estimated to be closer to 15 by now.

Nganasan: about 120 speakers

Kamassian: about 5 people with some knowledge.

Yurats: 0 speakers.

Mator: 0 speakers.

Examples of Kamassian

Сире бар кандла´бə, и дьӱ кандла´бə, бар

Снег замерзает, и земля замерзает

The snow is freezing and the ground is freezing.

Ди бар кудонзлуби и калла дьӱрби.

Он заругался на меня и ушел.

He scolded me and went away.

Ман турагəн кӱрбийем машинам, и...

Я в доме фотографировала машину, и.

I took picture of the machine at home, and.....

Дигəттə дизеӈ бешке´и о´бдəби´и, минзерби´и и тустьарби´и.

Потом они собирали грибы, варили их и солили.

Then they gathered mushrooms, boiled and salted them.

Kamassian used to be written in the UPA script

Kamassian story
Kamassian story
Area where Kamassian used to be spoken
Area where Kamassian used to be spoken

И дидизеӈ улардə бар кемзи´ бар дьӱ ´дəби пӱйет и аӈдə.

И намазал их овцам нос и рот кровью.

And he smeared their sheepʹs nose and mouth with blood.

Ох, и ман нага.

Ох, и у меня нет.

Oh, I havenʹt either.

These Examples come from The Kamassian corpus.

Kamassian and Finnish

Kamassian because is Related to Finnish has many similarities, though they are not able to understand each other at all, but many grammatical elements and words still share similarities though the wast majority of related words have changed too much to be understood.

Finnish - Kamassian

nainen - nee

korva - qu

se- še̮e̮

minä - man

me - mi´, mee´

kuolla - k'yly

kala - k'oola

tämä, tuo - di

kuu - qi

puu - p'a

menen- menggem

ei - ej

nimi - nim

sydän - syj

silmä - sim

muna - munuj

pesen - bazal'am

en - em

kun - kamǝn

tänään - t'einen

genetive ending: n - n

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